They’re only young once…

Parents today put their kids in all kinds of extra activities. My husband and I were no exception, except my child was, and still is not, really a group kind of kid… thank goodness? I mean darn. We did supported him when he wanted to join boy scouts as a webalo…. or something like that. And for me, well I was very excited that my husband had to be the one to go to all the meetings.

The very first day he had to wear his cute little uniform to school I took pictures of the cute little 1st grader in his cute little uniform. If Facebook was around I totally would have posted the pic. He came home when school was over, walked into the house and announced that he was done with boy scouts. Why? I asked. He looked me dead on the eye and told me, at age 6, that he could not live with those kind of rules.

The following year he joined hockey. Very early practices, very cold early practices, and many of them! Lots of checks written. Still, we all enjoyed it very much, a good group of parents, a good group of kids… And man can hockey parents drink!

As much of a pain in the ass it was then, I truly miss it now. The cold, the cost, the concusions, all of it. Parents, don’t put your kids in so many activities that your “time

together” ends up being you in the stands when your kids are on the field practicing… News flash! That isn’t spending time together. Activities for kids are a great thing, if it’s done correctly by the parents and the kids are having fun.  Btw, my son is in his twenties and still plays hockey, and we wish we could go watch.

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