A weekend so nice, I blog’d it twice-pt 1

20200515_150621I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the fact that the current shelter in place/covid19 issues have me feeling some sort of way.   One can only Facebook and watch Tic Tok videos for so many hours every day! I dont even want to talk about the bread I’ve made, which means eaten too.

I really thought that I would soon smash my husband in the face if we were home together one more day… I’m sure that feeling was mutual, so when I got the opportunity to go up north to a friends cabin I jumped at the chance.  A couple of us girls headed up on Friday and had a few drinks to “catch up” of course.   The weekend was wonderfully relaxing and I’ve never laughed so hard all day long in my life.  These girls truly healed my mood and then some!

As is common, with most women, I began to feel guilty.  I left my home and family for a whopping 3 day and yet I felt like I had abandoned them completely.  Why do women feel so bad when they take some time for themselves?  In our brain, we feel like we need to be the woman in the heels and apron taking care of everyone and everything with a smile on our face.  I came home, kissed everyone hello and then started doing laundry, sounds like something many woman would do.  I told me husband that perhaps he could come up with me sometime soon.  He made a terrible face and got up to get a refill on his pizza. “So that’s a no thank you I guess.” I stated, and realized that I have no reason what so ever to feel guilty.  Ladies, dont be afraid to do something good for yourself, chances are the only one having issues with it is you!

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