D is for dog and divorce

Perhaps because I think all my ideas are fabulous, or perhaps because I really wished for someone or something to take care of, I told my husband I was going to get a puppy. My husband was very against it and said no. Nothing makes me want to do something more than when someone says I cant. I told him simply “yes”, and said that he could not tell me what to do.

We had one of those 5 year old no you cant, yes I can fights which ended with him saying that if I got a dog he would divorce me. My first thought was “well shit”, but then I thought that if my husband would divorce me after 32+ years than we BOTH have been doing something wrong. I will admit that I did delay getting a puppy because of the statement tho.

One day I texted my husband I was going to an open pet adoption event, then ignored my phone for the rest of the day so I didn’t have to talk to him. Clearly i’m a chicken shit. I got a sweet little rescue dog that, I was told, was not taken care of well and found his way to the dog rescue at about 4 months old.

My husband was pissed and did not talk to me more than one word answers for a couple of weeks. To tell the truth I kind of thought it was nice! It was quiet, I could do what I wanted, it wasn’t a bad gig after the first week or to and it was clear he wasn’t going to divorce me. In the end hubby came around and things settled back to normal and he likes the dog. I’m glad I got the dog and stayed married, but if I learned anything from this it is that the communication between my husband and I sucks!! But it works for us… eventually.

1 thought on “D is for dog and divorce

  1. Has it peed on Dale’s leg yet? That is the true test of a good dog. Every dog I’ve ever owned has hiked a leg on Dale. ….and they were all good dogs. 🙂


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