I use to be crafty!

Photo by Zaksheuskaya on Pexels.com

When I was younger, if you ask my friends, I think they would say I was crafty… I knit, sewed, painted, did ceramics, baked, etc. I had many homemade sweaters, cloths and room decor that I created myself. I enjoyed it very much and often had the “urge” to start a new project. Many items I saw an item for purchase and would think, I could make that, and often did.

Then life happened, I guess, because I stopped. I got married, had kids, a house, a job, responsibilities, the list goes on. A friend and I were shopping recently and we found a wooden decorative sign that we both liked. I stated that I thought we could make that. My girlfriend laughed out loud and said “You? Crafty?” I looked at her, amazed that she would say that. “I’m crafty!” I said. My girlfriend laughed again and stated that she didn’t see me making anything that, but did see me buying something like that.

I’ve been thinking about this conversation since then. Why dont I do those “crafty” things anymore? My kids are grown, and I sure dont go out and party like I use to, so why dont I start doing somethings “crafty” again? Now in my free time, I clean out a closet or do laundry. My husband and I might get crazy and go out for dinner but then come home and sit to watch The Voice or a football game. I could and should be doing the things that I did when I was younger that brought me so much pleasure. Does being an adult mean that you cant do those things anymore? Would I be laughed at? Would people think less of me?

I’ve come to realize a creative outlet is something that I need again in my life. This Covid got us spending much more time in our houses and missing out on many things we need to stimulate our minds, to have something to have passion for. I’ve been thinking about it more and more as the weeks go on. I love my family, but they are stuck in the house with me, so they aren’t really much help. So I’ve been on line, looking at art websites and craft websites. I’ve thought about maybe redecorating a room, or pulling out the old sewing machine, maybe using the sewing machine to make things to decorate a room. I dont think that anyone can chose how they are going to find your passion, especially with arts and crafts, it has to find you, but I’m going to use my time during this second (or third?) round of covid to find what makes me happy to be home, not find what chores I need to do while I’m at home. If we all maybe found just one thing that makes us happy, painting, reading, exercising(pfft no), maybe this shelter in place thing we are doing would be worth it…. and no I dont care if I got laughed at or if people think less or me.

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