Weekends while you work

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Even with older children my life is still pretty busy. I work 8 hours a day, well, usually more like nine. Plus podcast work, blog, club, cooking, cleaning, running to the grocery store, dog, etc. Every mom, woman, can relate right?

Usually by Wednesday I’m thinking about two things, wine and the weekend. After work, after dinner, after the dishes are done I have a glass of wine, sit down to watch tv and think about the weekend. Sometimes I already have plans for the weekend, sometimes I dont. I’m not going to lie sometimes I think about how I can get out of the plans that at I already have. Everyone does it right? Makes plans that seem awesome at the time, but then as the week goes on you start to think how you dont want to do anything anymore. There could be many reasons for this, something better came up, you dont have the money to do it, you didn’t want to do it in the first place, but your friend asked you, etc. Usually, for me it’s none of those things, usually it’s because I’m old, tired, and have a list of mom/wife things I need to do over the weekend.

First thing… Grocery store, which I hate by the way. The parking lot is crowded and everyone thinks THEY have the right of way. Don’t they know I have the right of way? Once, someone hit my car while I was inside grocery shopping. The drew a smiley face in the dirt on my, car next to the dent and wrote the word sorry. That was it, no note, no business card, nothing, just smiley face. In-side the store is not much better. People leave their carts in the middle of the row, stand talking to others blocking the way, or leave products they pick up earlier, but have now decided not to buy all over the store. The biggest offenders are usually skinny bitches in their basic white girl clothing. You know the ones, they have leggings on, even if their preferred way of weight control is using their middle finger instead of exercising. They also have nice expensive running shoes, a skin tight t-shirt and a black puffy Northface vest or jacket. Sometimes they kick up their outfit a bit by adding a pony tail or headband. Come on, you’ve all seen them. If you haven’t then you will now next time your at the store.

Second thing… Laundry. I really thought that as my boys got older I would have less laundry, delusional I know. I dont have less, even if I have the same amount it is bigger and slinkier now. Years ago my husband complained that I didn’t “iron” his shirts nice enough. I haven’t done ANY of his laundry since then, which seems nice at first, but it really isn’t. Last weekend he brought his laundry down stairs and proceeded to take the cloths out of the dryer (at least they were dry) and put them, I’d say stuff them, into a laundry basket, then put the cloths from the washer into the dryer NOT removing my linen J-crew pants thus turning them into shorts. Next he put one load of HIS cloths into the washer and left his second load on top of the washer claiming it for his next load. I pushed him on the issue, asked him why he thought it was ok to just put the clean cloths in a pile and not fold them, and why he felt like he could just jump in front of me doing everybody’s laundry, without even asking. His response…. I thought you were done, was not received well by me. I pointed out the warm dryer, the smell of fabric softener and the pile of dirty cloths in front of the washer as reasons why I wasn’t done. He gave me a quick sorry and went to watch football. I didn’t even get a smiley drawn in dirt with that one. Truth be told, I most often leave the last load of laundry in the dryer and dont fold it, only to have that load be the first one then next week… Easier to rewash than fold wrinkled right? That choice effects me and me only as the one that will have to do it next week, not him.

Third… Clean the house. I actually dont mind cleaning the house, it almost therapeutic for me. Except vacuuming, I hate vacuuming for some reason. Sometimes I can get the husband to vacuum. Of course it takes him twice as long and doesn’t do it right at all, but at least he tried. When my husband and I were first married, and we got in an argument, he would start cleaning the kitchen. Usually I would stop him, ask him what was wrong, and discuss the issue. Now, after all these years, I let him finish cleaning first and hope he moves on to one of the bathrooms before I want to now what he is mad at. Weirdly however, he never washes off the kitchen counters. He will unload and reload the dishwasher, wash the pans, take out the garbage, and sweep the floor, but doesn’t touch the counter. While I dont understand this mentality, if all I have to do is wipe down the counter than I am fine with that.

Disclaimer time: I very rarely, if ever, get all three of these tasks done in a weekend. Usually the laundry is my uncompleted chore of choice. Laundry just sucks, well folding and putting the laundry away sucks anyway, so sometimes Sunday night I decide that I am done doing chores for the weekend and the laundry can sit until the next weekend. Most weekends I have great intentions of getting a shit ton done, but find myself in the lazy boy, dog in my lap, laptop open, football on, just doing nothing of worth. I try to rationalize that there was a lot of stuff to do, nobody helps me, I didn’t have enough hours in the day etc. Truth is that isn’t true. I blame alcohol and fun! They are the reasons I dont finish my chores. As I’ve gotten older, I want to relax more, enjoy friends and family more, do things for me more. I dont feel guilty for taking time for me to relax and leaving the chores for (yet another) weekend. Well, maybe I feel a little guilty, but Wednesday night when my husband is watching something he wants to watch on TV I will pour myself a glass of wine and think about all the things I need to do this coming weekend and plan how I will get it all done so I dont feel guilty….. again.

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