Snow days and getting gas.

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I like to tease my husband he is getting old, especially when it comes to things like the weather. I care very little about the weather, I cant control it, and I still have to carry on with my day doing whatever I had planed anyway, so aside from thinking about when I need gas, the weather bothers me very little. For the most part my husband is the same way, however recently, it seems, he has taken a large interest in knowing what the weather will do AND telling you if your wrong about it. Honestly, it’s annoying AF!

Recently a storm was in the forecast, and news reporters started to talk about some snow we were going to get. First of all, they are hardly every right, but also it’s Michigan in February, what did they think was going to happen? People talked about it at work. “Ugh, more snow.” People in the grocery store talked about it “I need more wine!” and home improvement stores talked about it. “come get a generator, snow blowers are on sale.” People counted the days, hours, and minutes until it would start snowing. The night before the snow was going to hit the husband was ready, he had gas for the snow blower and ran to the store to get some supplies…i.e. beer. He warned me that there was going to be a lot of snow in the morning when I wake up. Even told me I could take his truck if I was concerned.

This was one time the weatherman was actually close to correct. The snow started in the afternoon on that Monday. Big beautiful fluffy flakes that danced in the air before falling onto the ground and creating snow covered everything. Occasionally the sun would peek out tricking us to thinking that winter was inviting us all outside to enjoy her creations of the sparkly white fluffy stuff. If you took a step outside however you noticed a not so inviting gift from mother nature, the cold. It wasn’t just cold out, if was fucking cold, that the worst kind of cold you know. The temperatures in single digits and the feels like temperature was below zero. The weather forecasters again talked about it…. Please check on the elderly they said, dont leave your animals outside and remember how quick you can get frost bite they lectured as if this was all of our first time living in Michigan in February.

I put my jacket on and zipped it up tight Monday afternoon as I headed home from work. Roads were fine and clear. Snowing big flakes, it was very cold out even though the sun was out. I live in the outer suburbs, and my drive home is short and scenic driving through the small town I work in then through a national forest and park area. Someone was jogging down the old train track that had been taken out to create a joggers/bike path. “Dumb ass” I thought to myself, no way you catch me exercising on such a cold day. Side note, I often see people jogging, riding their bikes, or walking their dogs on my way home from work. My first thought is always dumb ass. My second thought is usually that it is 4:15 in the afternoon, shouldn’t these people be working? Judgmental maybe? Sure, but I dont know them, and they dont know me. I do get a chuckle out of the fact that most of them are self absorbed enough to think that we are envious watching them being so healthy. Boy are they wrong… Dumb asses.

That is when it happened, my car beeped. I looked down at my dashboard and a light was on. Not just any light, the WORST light, my gas light. The beep, BTW was a signal response, as is the light on, that I am low on gas. For me, being low on gas has always been a thing, and now the pending weather coming to the area just adds to it. No mater how many times the husband reminds me not to let the car get to low on gas during the winter I always do, not on purpose, it is just I have better things to do than get gas, like get coffee! I have never actually run out of gas, an achievement my husband cannot say, if I ever do I will be pissed and have to come up with a clever reason so I dont look like a complete idiot and the husband cant say that he told me so.

So where was I anyway, oh yeah, Monday night, here comes the storm that my husband repeatedly warned me about, and I need gas badly. There are two gas stations, one by my work and one by my house, both I pass on my work route. Having already passed one, I think about stopping at the one by my house, gas is usually cheaper there anyway. Then I get to THE corner, the corner where I go straight to get gas or turn left to go home. The corner that has the turning lane and lots of traffic so there is no changing my mind. I get in the turn lane. I think to myself that I can get gas tomorrow in the morning, it wont be as busy there anyway. I turn left, then right then into my sub and finally home. I walk in the house and think how warm it feels on my face. I can smell the chicken the husband is making and I see the mess in the kitchen he made prepping it. It always feels good to be home, but especially after a cold and snowy commute. I tell him I didn’t get gas, and ask him to remind me that I will need to in the morning. Again he feels the need to tell me about the storm that has already started and will continue all night. Somewhere he uses the phrase “shit ton”, but I wasn’t really listening, I was already taking off my bra and putting on my comfy pants for the night.

My alarms goes off and I get out of bed quickly. I am a morning person I guess, I dont need more than one alarm. As I head to the bathroom I look out a bedroom window and let out a sigh. We got A LOT of snow, like a lot, dare I say a shit ton! I shower, get dressed, and start the car, thanking god for heated seats. I look at my phone, hoping that someone from work texted me that it was ok to stay home for the day. A snow day would be nice, I look at the thermometer and it read 3 degrees. I turn on the news to see what the road are like, every station is talking about the storm, how cold it is, how much snow we got and saying to stay home if you can. I remember I need to get gas so I off I go and head to work. I get to THE corner, this time left is gas, right is work. I turn right, I dont know how long it will take me to get to work and I dont want to be late I reason. Truth be told I just didn’t want to get out of the car in this cold. This might be a good time to mention that I did stop at a Starbucks and got coffee. Must have coffee duh. I got to work, with only 3 other vehicles in the parking lot and head inside where I am told that a text was sent out that we could stay home today. I didn’t get the text and made a joke about how this storm was nothing, and for a yooper this much snow isn’t a storm its just a driving challenge. I’m told we wont stay all day, probably only till noon. The installers (I work for a fiberglass install company) are not working today so as soon as all the jobs for the day are rescheduled it will be time to go home.

Around 1:30 one of the guys sticks his head in my office, time to go home as they have competed their work. I make a comment about getting a good head start on a sales project, but am ready to go. Outside it is still snowing, still windy and I still need gas, but the plows and salt trucks have been out and with hardly any cars around I felt pretty good about getting home quickly. I get to THE Corner again, I look at how much gas I have still in my car, its close to E, but not actually on E, maybe on the bottom line of the E. I see the miles I have left in the tank, do some quick math and get in the turn lane. I can get gas tomorrow morning I think, the gas station will be less busy tomorrow anyway. I turn left, then right then into my sub. My husband apologizes because he forgot to remind me to get gas . I tell him it’s ok, I’m good. He didn’t ask if I got gas, just assumed I did I guess. Thank goodness or I would have had to lie to him and tell him I got a shit ton of it!

2 thoughts on “Snow days and getting gas.

  1. Get wine!
    And yes, it’s a man’s job to fill the tank, my Dad did it every Friday! And yes, I ran put of gas last year waiting until I felt like it,

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