My name is Dana. I’m from the Western most part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but live in lower Michigan now with my husband of 32+ years and our 2 boys.

I have wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but this Covid-19, shelter in place thing has given me time to finally start one. Between being a middle child of 8 kids, being married for 32 years, and long (sometimes drunken) talks with my friends I feel like I have something to say that may help other, even if it is with just a laugh. I hope my blog allows women to understand that they arent alone, and that others may have faced the same issues. Hopefully people will also find it entertaining too!

My crazy friends and I have also started a podcast about some of the crazy shit we have done, but also about everyday problems, issues, and even successes(and some failures too) of being wife and mothers. The first podcast should be available in the next week or so on that website, drinkandbesalty.com and our Facebook page Drink and be Salty. I’m also in progress of setting up another website to do some freelance writing about business, being part of a large family and being a female in several male dominate industries.

Let’s make something together.