Weekends while you work

Even with older children my life is still pretty busy. I work 8 hours a day, well, usually more like nine. Plus podcast work, blog, club, cooking, cleaning, running to the grocery store, dog, etc. Every mom, woman, can relate right? Usually by Wednesday I’m thinking about two things, wine and the weekend. After work, … Continue reading Weekends while you work

Drugs man…

As far as being an adult goes I would say I am about 75% responsible. I do things that adults should do. I keep my house clean (mostly), I pay my bills on time, I have regular doctor visits, etc. Most, ok all, these tasks suck big time, but I do them because I’m a … Continue reading Drugs man…

A football widow.

I’m just going to say this…. I dont mind watching football. I’m actually kind of a tom-boy and I dont mind watching most sports on TV…. I recently found a channel that broadcast the word Cornhole championship and we watched it for several hours, although I may have spent most of that time thinking of … Continue reading A football widow.