An eggplant means what?

Do you gram?Do you Gram?

Twenty plus years ago the company my husband works for gave all its employees a computer.  He received a monitor, keyboard and a tower.  We set it up, turned it on and sent emails to our friends and family.  We thought we were the shit!  Some time around there I also got my first cell phone.  It was big, but came in a bag that I could carry with me…  Best thing ever!!

Somewhere along the line, the smaller the computers got the more stupid I became!  Technology is progressing so fast today it feels like it is leaving those of us that are middle aged or older behind!   Insta, the gram,  Tik Tok,  snap,  is the norm for the younger generations while I am left wondering what the fuck it is and how to use it.  I really thought that “Netflix and chill” was just watch a movie on the couch with my family.   Imagine my child’s face when I told his friends that his dad and I were going to go home to “Netflix and chill”.    I dont even what to talk about the time I sent my boss an eggplant emoji stating I was bringing a big hot pan of eggplant Parmesan to the pot luck!

So now I stick to old peoples technology.  Facebook, which my kids say  40+ year old drinking moms use to stalk people in their neighborhood or to set up wine drinking parties.  Texting,  which has been replaced by snap chat.  BTW, no way I am taking that many pictures of myself with no bra and a double chin. and YES!  I still email!

I figure I made it this long not knowing what a plugin is (or how to install one for that matter)  I will survive doing what i’m doing as long as I can ask a millennial for help when I need it, after they rolls their eyes at me of course.  And if I text someone that I’m enjoying a rum & cum (damn you auto correct), that is OK, people know I’m to old to deal anyway.



Be gentle, it’s my first time.

I stopped working a few months before all the pandemic stuff came down. But many months before that I decided to start a podcast and eventually a blog. The process has not been as quick and easy as all the “How to start a podcast” sites say!

Do I have something people will want to listen to? Can I be informative and engaging weekly? Can I make money? How long will it take? Do I keep looking for work, even during the Shelter in place? What if I get a job, will I have time to continue working on the podcast?

All the insecurities of being woman, wife, mom, began to creep in. One minute I think to myself, I can do this and the next I’m thinking what if I fail? Is my husband going to support me in this venture? Is it fair that he is now the sole bread winner? What will the rest of my family think? What if my family needs me? How will I get my subject matter? What if nobody wants to listen to me? Really the questions go on and on.

So here is my first blog. It isnt’ funny, it isn’t informative, it’s not going to change the world, but I needed to move forward in this process. My partners and I are moving forward with the podcast and hope to have the first episode in a week or so, we are working hard on it, but this blog will be for me, and I hope you all think I have something to say. Thank you,