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Super bowl Sunday….

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here it is, Super bowl Sunday. Like a lot of you, I think, it doesn’t feel like super bowl Sunday. I didn’t get up and start cleaning and cooking in preparation for having friends over later. My husband is sitting on the sofa watching car shows….. wait, that is what normally happens on super bowl Sunday, but I digress. Our phones aren’t blowing up with texts from friends asking what time and what they can bring. About the only normal thing going on this pandemic year is I have my squares highlighted on a piece of paper that I put the someplace “safe”, but I have no idea what my numbers are, I just hope to win some money.

I’m not a huge football fan, but this years pairing of the old GOAT vs. the new GOAT does make the game seem a little bit more interesting to me. I’ve been asked many times who I think will win. Most of the time I say that I have family in Kansas, but that I also would love to see the old man kick some young-un ass. Fact is I dont really care who wins the game although I will be rooting for someone… just not sure who yet.

To most of the ladies out there, we all know that we just want to see the commercials. If, between commercial blocks we see some athletic, well built men in tight pants chasing a ball around while getting all sweating and breathing heavy……. Wait, where was I? Point I was trying to make is that while I will watch the game, if your favorite team isn’t playing than there are other reasons to watch it. Men dont care however. My husband is (sadly) a die-hard Lions fan. He obviously has watched many a super bowls without his beloved, hapless, Lions playing and always figures out a team to cheer for. He says he doesn’t care who wins, but always yells at bad calls by the refs, laughs when a field goal goes wide right and sits on the end of his seat at the end of the game. Men can do that, they can cheer for teams they dont even like, for them its the thrill of the game.

I, along with other women, am excited for half time. Its a good time to stretch our legs, dance a little to the entertainment, use the bathroom and go back for that second, or maybe third, brownie. At some point before the second half starts we will talk about which commercial we liked the best or ask for a recipe for one of the game day snacks. Men, usually use half time to get another beer, grab a cigar and talk about the first half of the game. I think it’s in their DNA to talk sports when watching sports.

This year we will be going over to my in-laws house. Both my husbands parents are pretty big sport fans so that is always fun. They too have different reasons for cheering for the team they want to win, and it is fun to watch the banter of a couple who have been together damn near 60 years. It not a Super Bowl Party that is true, but we will still enjoy the game and enjoy the company. My mother in law is an awesome cook so that helps a lot! In the end, we will enjoy the game, enjoy the company and enjoy the food….. just like every year. I hope you all do also!