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Our House….. two.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

So while I thought about calling this weeks blog “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, or “Neener neener neener”, I’m going to take the medium high road and call it something a bit basic, and resist the urge to say that I won this round for fear of jinxing myself and having to start this process all over again. I should probably go back several weeks and start at the beginning.

For those of you that are my normal readers, first I say thank you, and second I would like to refer you to a blog post I did about a month ago about the state of the inside of my house and how drastically it needs to be updated with regard to basic interior design areas. At the time I stated that my house of 20 years needed paint, new floors an updated kitchen and maybe even some new light fixtures. I also stated how badly my husband was apposed to any of this. At the time I wrote that he said that he did not want to spend any money on the house, that we didn’t need to do any updating and that we would worry about it when and if we ever decided to put the house up for sale. While we didn’t have a fight per say, it was awfully quiet in the house for the next several days. I will admit that we are both very stubborn which often leads to an even bigger stand off down the road.

So neither of us brought any thing up about the house until last week when my hubby and I were out… at a… local dinning establishment. Ok, we were at a bar. Truth be told after 33 years of marriage, the bar is a great place for us to have a talk. The alcohol loosens us up a bit, we aren’t going to make (much of) a scene in front of other people and its a neutral location to both of us, Alcohol is the glue holding our marriage together. Lets not forget the important thing, alcohol is cheaper than counseling! Strike that, it isn’t the way Dale and I drink, but I digress…

Somewhere between our 2nd and 3rd shot of Screwball my husband looked at me and said “I dont know how we will be able to ever match the wood floor in the foyer and the bathroom if we put wood in the rest of the house.” I looked at him for a second, gathering my thoughts for what I should say in reply. If I come on too strong he could back up, say he is only teasing, or blame the alcohol. If I come on too soft he might think I dont care, or dont think it is really that important, neither of which I want. I can’t help but wonder what made him change his mind, did someone talk to him? Did he read THAT blog? In the end I just laughed and ignored that he even said anything, again blaming it on the alcohol. That actually worked pretty well as neither of us brought it up again for the rest of the night and all was well.

The next day I came home from work and to my surprise he mentioned it again, but not in the same way of course. This time he asked me if I knew of any free programs or software on line that helped with interior design layouts, color and that sort of thing. This time I asked him what he was thinking. He said that he had been thinking about the house and that we probably did need to so some updating. He just didn’t want to spend a ton of money that we would have to worry about getting out of the house if we sell it in the next few years. I told him that I thought there probably was programs like that but that I would have to look them up to find them. He said that was cool and again we stopped talking about it further.

Saturday my husband had a funeral for a co-worker and I did not go with him because I had some other things to do. When it got close to the time when I thought he would be leaving I texted him. “Baby, do you want to take the car? I’m shopping for outdoor furniture and it wont fit in my car.” He said to just not buy a firepit because we never use them. I was surprised that he didn’t say anything about buying furniture, he seemed fine with it. In the end I didn’t buy anything, opting to buy it on line instead. As I sat near Dale with the computer in my lap I found the stuff I wanted to buy and asked him which card to use for the purchase. He looked at me totally shocked, then got mad that I was going to buy the furniture. I reminded him that I told him I was going to do it before he left for the funeral and he said nothing he said he wasn’t really listening to what I said. Humm, a husband who wasn’t really listening to his wife… there is a shocker. Anyway, I shut the laptop and quietly stewed for a couple hours.

Finally we come to today. After dinner we again sit down to watch TV. My husband asked me what my thoughts were on different types of flooring for the house. I told him what I had been thinking and he stated that he was just concerned about the kitchen mostly. He also told me that he had been thinking about replacing the kitchen cabinets as well as the counter top. I said that I had been also, but didn’t think that he wanted to get rid of the wood cabinets. He said that he would be open to even putting in colored cabinets. I was speechless, somehow we went from not wanting to spend any more or doing anything to the house to reflooring the whole house and pretty much doing a complete kitchen remodel. I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t expect it and now that it happened I dont know how to react. Do I go slow and let him make the moves? Do I jump in and hope that he doesn’t change his mind again? He is much, much more traditional in design that me, and we rarely agree on anything anyway, how will we mesh our styles and come to an agreement. I guess we will wait and see, unless he changes his mind again. Who knows what we will do….. certainly not me.