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To peep or not to peep!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Some how it is Easter all ready. I’m not sure how we got here so fast! Well, I guess part of the issue is that it is earlier this year than in the past couple of years, but still it seems like this year is flying by… Maybe its a good thing, maybe not, I guess we will see.

While the major of the political bullshit has settled down, there is still plenty of discussion topics among us middle aged folk to discuss over a coffee at the local Tim Hortons in the early morning. Ok, I’m not there yet, but I wont deny a heated debate or two over over big glass of wine…. or two. This evening was no exception as talk among myself and my political wine drinking contemporaries quickly got heated over a subject that, much like abortion or gun control, has divided even the closest family. The subject that raised blood pressure, turned stomachs and made grown men cry is a simple one it seems….. peeps.

You know, those white marshmallow, somewhat chick-shaped food, coved in a colorful sugar and available as soon as Easter approaches. Yellow peeps where the original I believe, but dont look it up, know one really cares and I certainly didn’t take the time to fact check. As a young child my siblings and I always got some in our Easter baskets usually with a warning from our parents on how they “are pure sugar”, and if we eat too many we will get sick. Still, I think we all ate ours first, even before the chocolate bunny. I loved them then, and will still have an occasional one now, usually by stealing one out of my kids Easter basket. Do you eat peeps? Do you admit to eating peeps? The group seemed hesitant at first to discuss for fear of being banished permanently.

These days peeps come in many flavors, cotton candy, watermelon, root beer and some even dipped in chocolate. There is even pumpkin spice peeps, and for the record, no, I have not tried that flavor and probably wont either. For as many flavors of peeps there are reasons to eat, or not to eat them. One of my friends stated there were too many chemicals in them, while another said they had too much sugar in them to eat. One of my friend admitted she never ate the pink ones…. any other color peep was fine, but pink? No way. You cant roast them like you can marshmallows, the sugar makes them burn quickly. You cant microwave them for indoor smores, they melt but then get hard and unable to eat to quick. Did you know that 5 peeps have more sugar than a can of mountain dew? One of my friends reminded us repeatedly that these things are fat free and gluten free, as if that would make them more tasty to us. Another comments that like Twinkies they will last seemingly forever as long as they are kept air tight.

In the end we ended up with 6 people who still eat peeps, if only for it being during this time of year and 5 who no longer ate them because they were “gross”. Someone even dipped one in her wine and ate it, but admitted that it was more because she wanted the wine, not the peep. Ok, it was me, I did that. We have all seen the meme about how to eat a peep…. you through it away, but people still buy them so people must still eat them. In fact 700 Million peeps where sold last year, pretty good for something that most people say they wont eat. I bought peeps a couple of days ago to put in my friends, sons Easter basket, but as we discussed the issue over a glass a wine with my peers I almost felt bad for doing it. I’m going to give someone else kids a big sugar rush! Their teeth are going to rot out! It’s not a healthy food for anyone my group debated. But its a rule you HAVE to have them at Easter I wined back. Me for the win! Debate over. Happy Easter… peeps.