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Is that the sun?

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

This morning, as I usually do on a Sunday morning, I got up, put on my slippers and went down stairs to let the dog out. Also, as usual, everyone was was still asleep and the house was very quiet. I went into the kitchen started the coffee maker and picked a couple of dirty dishes out of the sink that evidently were placed there by some sort of spirit or entity that lives in our house at night since no family member ever admits to putting them there. Heading toward the sliding glass door to let the dog out was the first time I noticed it…

Pulling back the blinds and looking out the doorwall, the sun shone brightly hitting my face and flooding the room with it’s warmth. Instantly I woke up completely and for a moment thought that it would be a great day to throw on some boots and a take the dog for a walk. The sun has been missing around here for a couple of weeks now. Sure, it peaks out for a couple of minutes now and again just to tease us, but for the most part Mother Nature has let snowy days be the weather star for awhile now. Snow and cold, and lets not forget covid, have been hanging around to long, much like the neighbor that never knows when its time to leave and go home after a party.

As I stand by the slider and watch the dog stick his nose in the fresh, fluffy snow and run around with a happy case of zoomies, I watch the snow sparkle fresh and white as if the sun is making it shine like diamonds, calling me to come out a play in it like we did as kids. I have great memories of being a kid and playing in the snow. Most of the time the goal wasn’t to go out and do anything specific, the goal was just to go out and play. We seemed to let the day and the snow decide what we would do, sometimes it was a snowball fight or building a snowman. Sometimes we found the perfect snow drift or shoveled pile of snow to dig in and create the perfect fort in. Inside the fort we didn’t really do much, but enjoy the outdoors, and talk with our friends as if we were the only persons in the world living in that snowy fort. As I got older, the U.P. brought many things to do in the winter, ski, Ice skate, sled and whatever else we could dream up. Obviously it snowed, and snowed a lot in the upper peninsula, but that just gave us the opportunity to do more things! Funny, I dont remember many snow storms, but I remember a lot of beautiful sunny days spent outside in the snow.

My dog is back at the door now, still covered in snow, but wanting to come in quickly. I look at the thermometer and see that it is 6 degrees out. Dare I say, back in the day, six degrees meant nothing to me. If the sun was out then it didn’t really matter what the temp was, we were going out to have some fun outside. Letting the dog in I turn and think how cold 6 degrees is. As least it isn’t minus 6 degrees right? The dog and I walk into the kitchen and the smell of coffee is filling the air and calling my name. I pour a big mug and look out the kitchen window where the sun is still shining across the clean smooth snow in the back yard and hitting the frosted, slightly snow-covered trees making them shine in the early morning brightness of the day. Maybe I’ll run some errands today, maybe I’ll go see a friend or shop at an outdoor mall. Between winter grey and covid none of us have been out much and today seems like it might be the day.

As I enter the family room, I sit with my coffee in both my hands warming them and turn on the news. The dog jumps up next to me on the sofa and puts his head on my lap. The weather man, who is way too happy for anyone’s good by the way, says that the cold is here to stay for the next few days and with that will be more snow coming down. “Get outside” he says, “take the kids sledding” he says, it’s a great day for it! Who does this person think he is? He is not the boss of me. I grab a blanket and get comfortable with the dog to enjoy the quiet of the house, the warmth of my coffee and the sun shinning through the windows. I think to my self that running errands can wait, I dont need to go shopping, it warm here, in my house, with my dog and my coffee. The dog doesn’t need a walk he just ran around the back yard for a whopping 5 minutes, that’s enough exercise for today right? Once the family has woken up this can be our own little house snow fort, but with a fireplace, and a coffee pot… and snacks!